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Grupo Pentium is now drawing on its success
in Spain and its global relationships to expand
operations into new international markets.

In the mid-90s, the Spanish residential and commercial property market exploded and, in a move presided over by the American-educated industrial engineer Nabil Al-Dahhan, The Al-Dahhan Group created a Spanish division, Grupo Pentium, to impart its expertise, talent and work ethic to clients in southern Spain.

Operating along the entire length of the Andalucian coastline – home to one of the largest ever construction booms – Grupo Pentium today runs a fleet of construction-grade mechanical and plant vehicles while also boasting a roster of practised professionals, providing everything from a carpenter to a full-service, turnkey solution.

Grupo Pentium drawing success

“Your safest choice for unquestionable quality, on time and on budget”