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Safety, success and satisfaction

Grupo Pentium boasts a thoroughly impressive track record, with our professional and skilled workforce harmonising value, alacrity, dedication, workmanship and painstaking attention to detail according to each client’s individual tastes and requirements. We fully project manage builds of any size, with our skilled craftsmen working their magic in plumbing, electrics, woodwork, stonework and other expertise, to create a genuine dream home from your wildest fantasies.

Once Grupo Pentium has blown away clients with the excellence of our exterior work, we can translate that perfection to the interiors. Over the past few years, we have fitted villas and apartments out in ultra-modern minimalist décor, romantic Mediterranean stylings, exotic Moroccan adornments and have even cast an impressive interior solely from traditional Irish materials and furnishings.

Grupo Pentium drawing success

“We also design and implement terraces and patios, tennis and padel courts, water proofing, carpentry or simple general maintenance.”